Keeping you safe.

I will not talk to my family or friends about you.

The most important rule for the therapeutic relationship to work is that you can trust me - and confidentiality is essential for this to happen. As a result, therapists only speak to their supervisors about clients and, even then, we do in a sensitive manner to protect the person's privacy and identity.

Your privacy and well-being are of the utmost importance to me.

Neither will I be searching for you on Google or Facebook. This would also be a breach of confidentiality.

We know that sometimes Facebook or other social media like LinkedIn will automatically suggest adding a person as a contact or friend, and that could be based on the fact you and I have exchanged emails or messages. Even in those situations, I will not be looking at your profile or any other information that is available to me outside the consulting room.

It’s my job to protect you and your privacy and I take this care very seriously.

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