Unsure about seeking Psychotherapy?

Therapy might seem mysterious or intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to expect and it can be scary to even make contact with me, not really knowing what may lie ahead. It doesn't have to be scary - nor does it mean that you're locking yourself in to something you might not like, might not yet feel ready for or something that may need to happen at another stage in your life.

You are free to come for one session and decide never to come back. Just because you’ve come in to meet me does not automatically mean that you are obliged to continue. You are welcome to come and find out who I am and how I work. If, during this session, you don’t feel as if we will be able to work together, you can tell me directly and it’s completely OK to do so. Should you need assistance in finding an alternative therapist, I can help you through this process. Or you might just decide that it’s not for you, or not the right time. Whatever your decision is, you are in control.

So, if you have a notion, an instinct or just a vague idea that you might be looking for therapy to help with something in your life, you can just come and find out - without fear of then being stuck in therapy if the first session, for whatever reason, just didn't feel right.

Please feel free to come and see me to discuss what is bringing you to therapy - it might be the biggest favour you've done yourself in a long time - and it might not be as scary as you fear it will be.

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