Days like today...

Training to be a psychotherapist is arduous. To put it mildly.

You have to take yourself to the edge of your own abyss and consciously decide to throw yourself off the precipice. It involves making a considered decision to plunge yourself into the dark, the threatening murk which you know conceals all your demons. A choice to abandon safety, security, sanctuary. It's hard but it must be done.

The work with clients is a real privilege but not simple. It takes a lot of energy to really hold a safe space for someone as you facilitate their therapeutic journey.

There have been many days when I've questioned the decision.

But then there are days like today, when a client tells you that our work has been the most profound experience of their lives and that, as a direct result, their life has changed and improved beyond all reason or measure and continues to do so.

It's days like today that I know I'm in exactly the right place.