I can't afford it....

Reasons to not contact a therapist #1:
"I can’t afford it / it’s too expensive."

Many people are perfectly happy with spending hundreds of pounds every year on new clothes, gadgets, beauty products, concert tickets, rugby matches, unused gym memberships, new smartphones, the latest tablets or smart-watch etc but many people are still very reluctant to spend money on themselves in terms of “self-care”. Generally, we all want to be happy, worry less, stress less, and enjoy more peace and satisfaction at home, at work, and in our relationships. Seeing a therapist can help with all of those things and many others besides, so why are so many people so reluctant to “invest” in their own wellbeing?

Often, we don’t want to face our feelings. We crave a “quick fix" and feel that investing in happiness is “frivolous” but, if you want to change your life and you’re curious about therapy just take a moment to self-reflect - on the fears, doubts, and the opinions that might be fuelling your reluctance. Think about what is holding you back, and why.

Money is a great source of concern for many of us, yes (me included) but consider the “cost” of doing nothing. Where will you be, two or three years from now, if you continue to repeat the same patterns that are making you unhappy, today? What’s the “cost” of inaction? What’s the “cost” of remaining stuck?

Can you really put a price-tag on your inner peace and happiness? Can you put a price-tag on your family’s wellbeing? What is your health “worth” to you? £30 a week?

There’s nothing “wrong” with treating yourself to beautiful things and experiences. I strongly encourage it. Have that beautiful meal at your favourite restaurant, enjoy your summer holiday by the sea, grab a new book at the shop, treat yourself to a slab of cake with your coffee - but remember - as delicious as those things are, they are fleeting experiences. The transformation that you can create through psychotherapy though, can last you a lifetime.

There is no investment that offers a greater return than your investment in taking care of yourself. I strongly encourage that too.