It'll be too hard and stressful

Reasons to not contact a therapist #2: "You’ll ask me to make really uncomfortable changes that’ll be too hard and stressful."

In Gestalt therapy, I will not ask you to make any changes, or tell you what I think you should do. That is not my role, my function or my intention.

When we meet, we will begin a process where we will explore together the specific ways in which you may need support or assistance in your life.

I will listen to you and your story without judgment and we will work TOGETHER in a co-created environment of warmth, respect & encouragement. In therapy sessions the client is assisted to gain greater understanding and find their own solutions to the difficulties they are experiencing in their lives. I am categorically not there to push you into doing things that I might think are right for you. That will never happen.

We can all get “stuck” in old patterns of behavior and fixed ideas, and this can block our communication and contact with others. The focus of Gestalt Therapy is on helping the individual to develop more awareness of these behaviors and ideas. This awareness is supported by fosusing on the ‘here and now’ within the therapy session.

My aim is to assist you in being aware of the different facets of your experience and identify what your actual needs and aspirations are right now. This helps you achieve a greater freedom and automomy in your life choices. It is a place to take back your personal power - not to give it away.

I will not be forcing you to do anything and you are always, always in control.