I really, truly believe in what I do.

I really, truly believe in what I do. 
I wouldn't know how to do it, if I didn't. 
I believe that psychotherapy works and I'm a big fan of the Gestalt modality.

Why am I telling you this? Because I believe that everybody, everybody, will benefit from some therapy. If therapy was offered to all school children and students, as a matter of course, at a formative age, I believe that we would be living in a completely different world. In a world of levelled balance.

I very much want to dispel the belief that there "has to be something wrong with you" before you can seek therapy. Just because there's something wrong in your life, doesn't automatically mean that there's something wrong with "you". Being human can be hard, being in the world as it currently exists, harder still. A lovely & eccentric Great Uncle of mine used to say "Mae bywyd yn felys, ond mae bôd yn faich" - which roughly translates as "Life is sweet, but existing is a burden". I didn't really know what he meant when I was younger but now, I think I know exactly what he meant.

But therapy, especially Gestalt therapy, can be a really useful and meaningful thing to do, particularly when life is generally OK. In Gestalt therapy, we will use creative and experiential techniques to enhance your awareness, freedom and self-direction - in other words, it can be an invaluable space to get to know yourself better, derive a greater understanding of your patterns, ultimately giving you, the client, a greater self-understanding and sense of agency over your own life. We've all got "stuff" that would be better off dealt with and understood - therapy doesn't have to be a last resort when the wheels have come off.

So, if you're looking for a bit of a therapeutic spirit level, just to make sure that things aren't crooked, give me a call - because I really believe in what I do and I know, from experience, that therapy works.

I really am here to help.

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